#LeMonde: “Blade Runner Killer ", a film that goes badly in South Africa “


The television adaptation of the murder of the companion of the Paralympic champion arouses the indignation of the two families


 Oscar Pistorius at the Supreme Court of Pretoria, June 14, 2016. "title =" Siphiwe Sibeko / REUTERS "onload =" lmd.pic (this); "onerror =" lmd.pic (this); Oscar Pistorius at the Supreme Court of Pretoria, June 14, 2016. </span data-recalc-dims= Oscar Pistorius at the Supreme Court of Pretoria, June 14, 2016.
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"Horrified and upset". The upcoming broadcast of an American TV movie depicting the highly-publicized Pistorius affair has provoked dismay in the South African families of the Paralympic champion and his late girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, ​​whom Oscar Pistorius killed on 14 February 2013 , during the night of Valentine's Day.

"We had anticipated that the film would provoke mixed reactions in South Africa, given the sensitivity of this case widely followed," admitted in a statement on Thursday, October 5, the channel American cable Lifetime, after the airing Monday of the trailer of the telefilm has aroused an outcry. Oscar Pistorius: Blade Runner Killer, The film recounts the love affair of the South African Beckam, about the drama and the legal drama that marked the country.

"Blade Runner", his carbon-like prostheses resembling blades, Oscar Pistorius, doubly amputated, had entered the sporting legend in 2012 by aligning himself with the able athletes in the 400 meters of the Olympic Games in London. On the night of 14 February 2013, convinced that a burglar had entered his house in Pretoria, he had opened fire on the door of the toilet in which Reeva Steenkamp had locked herself. The athlete, who has always pleaded the mistake, has been serving a sentence of six years in prison.

"A crude deformation"

"This film does not reflect the truth of what happened on the day of the tragedy and subsequent trial," deplored on Twitter the brother of the champion, Carl Pistorius, who has promised to bring the case to justice. The title of the film, in particular, is a "crude deformation" of reality, whereas the athlete underwent a battery of psychological tests that never proved that he had the " soul of a killer, he told a local radio.

As for the Steenkamp family, who was also unaware of the film project, she discovered "horrified" that the story was told from the point of view of Reeva and her mother, June. " Anything that suggests that this is June's point of view or that the film is approved by the Steenkamp family is false and incorrect" insisted the family.

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The film, which is not scheduled in South Africa, is scheduled to air in the United States on November 11, exactly one week after Oscar Pistorius returns to court. The Supreme Court of South Africa is due to examine on 3 November an appeal by the prosecution against the judgment rendered in 2016, considered too lax. Initially found not guilty and sentenced for manslaughter to six years in prison, while the floor usually requires fifteen, the athlete could be released on parole by 2019.


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