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“Gutera intobo, Gukanda umuvyeyi (to have sexual relations between brother-in-law and sister-in-law, to have sex for a few days after childbirth …) are cultural practices that we have in Burundi and that affect the the status of women and which are at the root of violence against women. But there are also good cultural practices, cultures that advance the conditions of women. “These are the words of Me Alphonsine BIGIRIMANA, former coordinator of the Association of Women Lawyers in Burundi. Me Alphonsine BIGIRIMANA made these remarks in a conference-debate organized by the collective of bloggers YAGA, this Thursday, March 08, 2018 at the IFB on the occasion of the celebration of the International Women's Day.

This conference was started with the welcome of Alain HORUTANGA coordinator of YAGA, followed by the presentation of Me Alphonsine BIGIRIMANA in which she gave the definition, causes, and consequences of gender-based violence. As for the evolution of the status of the Burundian woman, according to Me Alphonsine BIGIRIMANA, the evolution of the status of the woman is there but the way is long.This evolution is noticed in the code of 80 people and the revised in 1993 because prior to this revision she added, the Burundian woman was not allowed to perform certain functions such as trade or the woman was not allowed to open a bank account without having the

In closing Mr. Alphonsine BIGIRIMANA appealed to all women, to dare to denounce the violence they are victims of because if a fact is not punished, the author will not hesitate to reproduce it and even the others will do the same thing because it has not been punished. And the Burundian legislator, to provide clear protection for victims so that these victims have the courage to denounce these crimes. 19659002] Rap As panelists, there was a representative of the Association of Women Lawyers, a representative of AFV (Action in Favor of Vulnerable Children), a representative of the Episcopal Justice and Peace Commission and a representative of the YAGA bloggers' collective.

This International Women's Day, was also celebrated in Kayanza. These festivities were enhanced by the presence of the President of the Republic and his wife.

Remember also that this International Women's Day was established and formalized by the United Nations and is celebrated on March 8th of each year. since 1977. The purpose of this day is to take stock of the living conditions of women around the world. This year, in Burundi, the theme was: “Would some traditional practices promote discrimination and violence based on the genre? “

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